Empowering Women Throughout the Globe

Our organization promotes women empowerment and helping those in need. We are advocates for equality, social justice, and peace.

Dedicated to Making an Impact
Our Mission

Our mission is to promote understanding, caring, and mutual respect among the women of Ladies De Classic through discussions and friendly events. Our emphasis is women helping women.

We cultivate friendly relationships, promote mutual understanding, encourage high ethical standards, and foster the solidarity of women. We encourage and practice thoughtfulness of and helpfulness to others. We also like to build respect for the rights of others based on recognition of the worth of each individual.

group of women on yellow shirt

Our Organization Goals

  • To promote support and democracy at all cost, to foster individual freedom to all members.
  • To encourage and deliberate on issues paramount to women.
  • To preserve Ladies De Classic as a non-partisan charitable organization.
  • To work with other organizations inside and outside the United State, to promote peace, stability, justice, and unity while working actively to promote and ensure social justice, equality, opportunities, and interest for Ladies De Classic.
  • To promote cooperation, harmony, and unity amongst members.
  • To enhance communication and dissemination of information and create a forum of excellence, intellectual, and political ideas amongst members.
  • To promote attainment of higher education standard for our youth, and to give scholarships to deserving and less privileged children to help them attain their educational goals.
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